BRITISH MALE VOICE – South-East English, Late-Thirties/Early-Forties

Voiceover recordings by a late-thirties/early-forties, male voiceover artist of south-east English origin, now in the Midlands.

Looking for a British male voiceover for your next project? With a voice described by clients from around the world as unique, engaging, pleasant and friendly, Ben Gamblin can provide clear and well spoken audio recordings with a fast turnaround.

Rates are charged fairly based on your script word count. Regular service prices start at just £25.00 for a read of up-to 200 words, with audio issued on a royalty free basis for any purpose (licensing terms apply).

Perfect for use in a wide variety of applications, including corporate media, presentations, IVR and telephony messaging, podcasts, broadcast media etc.

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General ServiceFrom £25.00 (200 words)
General Service
From £25.00 (200 words)

General voiceovers start from just £25.00 for a read of a script (or combined scripts) of up-to 200 words – royalty-free and suitable for broadcast!

Need more than 200 words? No problem. Rates are calculated on a sliding scale. So, the longer your scripts, the cheaper your effective per-word rate becomes!

Community/RSL StationsFrom £12.50 (200 words)
Community/RSL Stations
From £12.50 (200 words)

Special rate especially for community and RSL stations. Perfect for idents and jingles, advertisement and sponsorship reads, public service announcements (PSAs) etc.

Interested? Ask for a quotation, and don’t forget to mention your station name to qualify!

Need more than 200 words? No problem. Rates are calculated on a sliding scale. So, the longer your script (or combined scripts) the cheaper your effective per-word rate becomes!

Very Simple Voiceover£5.00 (80 words)
Very Simple Voiceover
£5.00 (80 words)

The most affordable voiceover option, this is a no-frills, very basic service, pre-paid through PayPal and designed to make professional voiceover recordings available for shorter scripts at even the lowest budget.

Your script will be recorded as a straight read, as provided, with no re-take option, delivered as a high bitrate MP3 file.

Need more than 80 words? Just purchase an extra service.

Long Form Reads£40 (finished quarter-hour)Minimum charge: one finished hour (£160)
Long Form Reads
£40 (finished quarter-hour)
Minimum charge: one finished hour (£160)

Where short read projects are charged by the word count of the script to be read, for long form reads where the final audio duration will be in excess of one hour, these can be charged by finished audio time instead, offering significant savings over regular rates.

Long form reads are flexible with delivery of audio in WAV format issued under the standard Audio Licence with unlimited revisions available for 14 calendar days following project delivery. The price includes all studio time, post-production, edits and revisions and audio is issued royalty free so you have no ongoing costs if you are selling a product.

Available may be limited, so please get in touch ASAP with details.

Podcast Production and Audio Editing

Podcasts are a great on-demand source of news, entertainment and education but many suffer from poor and inconsistent audio levels or muffled sounds. Make your podcast stand out from the rest! Send through your audio and have it edited to ensure the audio is clear and level, making it a more enjoyable listen for your audience, wherever they listen!

As standard, the following processes are conducted to your audio:

  • Mix multiple recordings into one audio file.
  • Minimise the presence of ‘filler’ sounds (e.g., ‘er’, ‘um’ etc.), false starts and errors.
  • Cut sections that aren’t required, according to instruction.
  • Volume adjustment between different parts.
  • Audio compression, limiting and normalisation to reduce the difference between loud and quiet across the entire production, and ensure consistency between releases.
  • Tonal adjustments (EQ).
  • Insert pre-done idents, theme music, commercials, sponsor messages etc.

The Weekly Investment Trust Podcast

With Jonathan Davis and Simon Elliott

Moses and Methuselah

With Jonathan Davis and Peter Seilern

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